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Aluminium Sconces, Barn Lamps and Shade Lights

In Aluminum

Robust and protected against rain: sconces, barn lamps and shade lights made of aluminium. Wall lights in aluminum are characterized by their very good price-performance ratio and are robust and indestructible because they are anodized and usually finished with powder coatings.

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Outdoor Aluminum Wall Lights from Tuscany

Our Mediterranean exterior aluminum wall lamps from Tuscany, are offered in the classic country-house style or industrial style. The anodized and powder coated aluminum lamps are available in many colors according to the RAL table as well as in plain or decorated and come in different sizes. With the outdoor lighting-model Nabucco, the Italian manufacturer Aldo Bernardi offers the country-style lamp in patinated aluminum.

Bolich-Leuchten and Lanterns: German Sconces Made from Aluminum

Aluminum sconces of Bolich lights there are available in many outdoor lighting styles, shade sizes, wall arm lengths and RAL colors. Our wall lamps in aluminum from Berliner Laternen, however, are made in the classic industrial style and these outdoor wall lights are also available in many colors according to the RAL table.

Aluminum Shade Wall Lamps from Denmark and France

These aluminum wall lamps are painted in colorful tones and they come from our Danish producer, Eleanor Home. Roger Pradier also offers very colorful and interesting designs.